Drazie's Drills is a collection of short videos that will teach grammar skills to your students through the use of engaging animated characters and environments.

Teaching Experience

As a classroom teacher for 31 years, I am still passionate about students and the diverse ways in which they learn. My instruction has been driven by the needs of my students no matter what subject I teach them. Over the years I have created activities, materials, and worksheets to increase the retention rate among my students in phonics, reading, writing and English for second thru seventh grade.

My Teaching Style

In teaching English grammar, my many years of experience revealed that students of all grades benefit from several types of instruction which are not available in the basic, repetitive exercises in textbooks and workbooks. Drazie’s Drills are animated videos that teach grammar concepts swiftly and sequentially. With both of my adult children in college, I have had time to create these videos that include the lessons I have written for grade levels two through seven. In using these video and worksheet drills, I have found greater success with all my students as they continue their journey in learning grammar from one grade to the next.